Food is …

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. How are we feeling? If you enjoyed a day off, filled with food and family, I hope your hearts and bellies are both full. If you’re feeling more guilt than gratitude, I encourage you to read on. This brief post shares how food is so much more than something to ever feel bad about.

Ever hear the phrases “food is fuel” or “eat to live, don’t live to eat”? I have too. While food provides our body with energy in the form of glucose (carbohydrate), fatty acids (fat), and amino acids (protein), it offers us so much more.

Food is …

  • Memories – from the kitchen or table
  • Celebration – of birthdays, weddings, holidays, and special occasions
  • Gratitude – for the food on our table and the time spent with loved ones
  • Culture – honoring the history and heritage of our ancestors
  • Art – expressed by creative preparation or beautiful presentation
  • Sacrifice – from the animals that feed us
  • Adventure – when trying a food or cuisine for the first time
  • Hard work – by farmers from seeding to harvest
  • Spiritual – deeply rooted in religion and tradition
  • Love – an expression of affection, care, and devotion
  • Pleasure – offering us sensations of comfort and nourishment

Food is not bad. Food is not dirty (unless dropped on the floor). Food should not be feared or shamed. Are some foods more nutritious than others? Yes. Should we aim to eat a mostly healthy and wholesome diet? Absolutely. But when it comes to holidays, celebrations, and special occasions … enjoy the pleasure of food with the comfort of loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving,

~ Megan

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