Nutrition Misinformation and How to Spot It

Happy New Year! It’s officially the time of year where our news feeds are inundated with diet hacks, detox plans and juice cleanses. Unfortunately, many of these promising solutions fall short in evidence-based science. Worse, some misguided advice can even be harmful to our health (but, if you are looking for realistic health resolutions, checkContinue reading “Nutrition Misinformation and How to Spot It”

5 Misconceptions about Dairy

In the spirit of National Dairy Month, I’m tackling dairy myths.   There’s a lot of misinformation about dairy food and dairy farming. But when you look beyond the fear mongering and (sadly) hate messaging, and closer to the science or the perspective of a farmer, you can gain an appreciation for the nutritional valueContinue reading “5 Misconceptions about Dairy”

MSG: The magical seasoning that’s missing in your kitchen

When you hear MSG, what comes to mind? Processed, chemicals, toxic, headaches, intolerance, Chinese food …? If so, you’re not alone. MSG has been subject to decades worth of misinformation based on unsubstantiated evidence and, quite frankly, xenophobic fearmongering. What if I told you that MSG is not only used in Asian cuisine, but alsoContinue reading MSG: The magical seasoning that’s missing in your kitchen

Organic: What does it really mean?

We’ve all been there … perusing the produce section to find ourselves deciding between the $3 mixed greens and the $4 organic mixed greens. They both look equally mixed, equally green, and equally fresh. So, which do you choose?   “Organic.” It’s a term that’s become synonymous with “healthy,” “high-quality,” and “natural.” But is organicContinue reading “Organic: What does it really mean?”

Ditch the Detox: 10 Realistic Resolutions for a Healthy New Year

The holidays have come and gone. If you’re feeling a little less Merry and Bright, but more Dreary with pants a bit tight … that’s okay! There’s no need to punish yourself with a restrictive detox or cleanse. Below are 10 ways to feel back on track without sacrificing your wallet or your sanity. (1)Continue reading “Ditch the Detox: 10 Realistic Resolutions for a Healthy New Year”

Food is …

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. How are we feeling? If you enjoyed a day off, filled with food and family, I hope your hearts and bellies are both full. If you’re feeling more guilt than gratitude, I encourage you to read on. This brief post shares how food is so much more than something toContinue reading “Food is …”

To Fast, or Not to Fast?

What do Kourtney Kardashian, Halle Berry, and Moby all have in common? Well, besides their eight-digit net worth, they’re all promoters of intermittent fasting. Fasting for health reasons has gained a lot of attention recently. But is the hype merited? Is life in the fast lane right for you? Let’s break it down … HistoryContinue reading “To Fast, or Not to Fast?”

The Skim on Milks

Inspired by my last post, this week I’m diving into dairy and dairy alternatives. Cheers! If I sent my husband to the grocery store to “grab some milk” … heaven help him. These days, there are hundreds of milk options for consumers … and that’s a good thing! Different milks and milk-like beverages help meetContinue reading “The Skim on Milks”

Nutrition Misinformation

You know what really grinds my gears? When people in the row behind you cut in front of you when exiting the airplane. You know what else really grinds my gears? Nutrition misinformation. I teetered back and forth about starting a blog for quite some time. I enjoy writing, researching, and poking a little funContinue reading “Nutrition Misinformation”