Nutrition Misinformation

You know what really grinds my gears? When people in the row behind you cut in front of you when exiting the airplane.

You know what else really grinds my gears? Nutrition misinformation.

I teetered back and forth about starting a blog for quite some time. I enjoy writing, researching, and poking a little fun at wacky health information. However, I had mixed feelings about blogging. Blogging can be personal, and I didn’t feel quite ready to put myself out there.

Fast forward to earlier this summer, when a coffee shop experience left me saying “C’mon Man,” and inspired me to go for it. I overheard two women chatting about their coffee choices. It went something like this …

  • Girl #1: “I always choose whole milk, it’s way healthier for you than skim milk.”
  • Girl #2: “Oh yeah, skim milk has all the added sugars and crap.”
  • Girl #1 and #2: Nod in agreement with their grande cinnamon dolce lattes.

This is just one of hundreds of instances where I have heard or read misinformed statements like this (FYI skim milk doesn’t have added sugar or “crap”). While there might be some truth to added sugar in low-fat packaged foods, or marginal differences in lactose between milks (note to self, write future post about milk options), homegirl here shared her anti-skim statement loud and proud. Yes, we are all entitled to our own opinions and dietary preferences. Food is personal. But how many other customers heard this conversation? How many people did they share this new “truth” with afterwards? And thus, nutrition misinformation continues to spread like a game of telephone.

So, I started this blog. My intention isn’t just to identify and clarify common misinformation (while that may be fun), but to create a forum where I can write about varying wellness topics related to food, fitness, and feels. My goal is to offer a resource that is reliable, is backed by evidence, and shares complicated health topics in an uncomplicated way. I’ll do the research, so you don’t have to.


~ Megan

9 thoughts on “Nutrition Misinformation

  1. I agree there is soooooo much misinformation out there! I’m looking forward to having a new resource for good solid information that I can use and share with my patients 😁


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